People Are The Essence Of Our Business

KOI representing professional, effective and responsible business KOI vision stems from the belief of the late Dr. Khalil Osman of the symbiotic relationship between the private sector and the communities which they serve. We passionately believe that private sector expansion should be geared towards improving the lives of local communities. KOI has embraced this approach; placing business and the betterment of people’s lives as two mutually enhancing endeavours.


KOI components aim to ensure a qualitative improvement in people’s lives through better quality and better value of products and services. KOI utilises human resources drawn from the communities where the different investments are based. KOI gives priority to investing in training and building capacity of local communities. This vision has led to strategic investments in key services and industrial sectors in Sudan.
KOI has consolidated this strategy by streamlining these different investment schemes and business initiatives into a corporate investment body that is the investment company.